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Ghana: Wind Farm Konikablo receives preliminary operation license

Ghana: Wind Farm Konikablo receives preliminary operation license

The Wind Farm Konikablo, which is located in the Greater Accra Region and has been developed by us since some time now, has received the preliminary license for energy production (Provisional Generation and Wholesale Supply License) from the Energy Commission at the end of October, 2015.

The project foresees the installation of up to 200 MW of wind power over an area of approximately 40 km2 dependent on the final choice of turbine type and environmental provisions.

As this project has already been granted the definitive and final environmental permit from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and as we have secured all required land since a long time now, nothing stands in the way of a quick and complete project development and the final permitting of the wind farm.

At the project location, wind conditions have been measured by us with a 60 m high met mast since 3.5 years and therefore, large data reliability with long term prediction is available. Within the next couple of weeks, the mast measurements will be complemented by a LiDAR machine which will be installed at the project site.

In the west, the project borders on the area on which we are developing the 225 MW Wind Farm Ayitepa for Mainstream Renewable Power Ltd.
The electricity will be feed into the new 330 kV WAPP-line north of the project area via the planned new transformer station at Sege/Dawa.

  • Published on November 02, 2015