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Drone Survey and Mapping

Orthophotos and surface models are often the basis for field mapping, visualizations, volume calculations, change monitoring or surface analysis. Modern drones in combination with up-to-date postprocessing software allow to handle these tasks in a very cost-effective and efficient way.

Possible Application Fields

Drone survey can be very useful e.g. in the following application fields:

  • Getting up-to-date aerial images of an area of interest
  • Mapping of landscapes, rivers, river banks, forest areas, agricultural areas. etc.
  • Topographical analysis of surfaces
  • Surveying of objects that are hard to access (e.g. landfills, quarries, pits)
  • Inventory mapping

Data Evaluation

From each point within the area of interest, the drone shoots several pictures. Appart from creating an orthomosaic, these overlapping pictures then also allow to derive a georeferenced digital surface/terrain model by photogrammetric means. If a precision of centimetres is required, we can offer to set out ground control points. Subsequently, all required output such as contour line maps, volume calculations and comparisons can be accurately created.

Our Drones

eBee Classic


Mavic Pro



This method is very cost-effective, easily to plan and it needs little preparation lead time. Missions for different area sizes with high precision aerial images and a spatial resolution of up to 1.5 cm/pixel are possible.


Our references in the field of Drone Survey and Mapping can be found here.