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Building Services Engineering

Building services engineering covers all technical disciplines in buildings, including heating and hot water, ventilation, air conditioning and building automation. If these systems are diligently planned, they help to improve the indoor climate, save costs and energy and therewith also help to reduce the carbon footprint.

    Our Services

    • We offer various planning and engineering tasks and create overall concepts in the field of building services engineering of technically complex buildings and plants.
    • Development of energy concepts with cost-benefit calculations and evaluation of different energy and cost optimized variants.
    • Advisory services on renovations under consideration of energy-efficient systems such as solar thermal energy, photovoltaics, CHP, heat pumps with energy piles and geothermal probes.
    • Controlling, optimizing and evaluation of energy consumption of plants, machines and buildings.
    • Simulation and integration of the buildings physical characteristics into the overall concept.


    Our references in the field of Building Services Engineering can be found here.