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Wind Energy - Project Development

From the beginning of the nineties, the use of wind energy has increased rapidly and now plays a key role in the sustainable production of energy, especially in Germany, Denmark, Spain, USA, Japan, France, England, Canada, Italy, India, Brazil and China. The utilization of wind energy will remain a booming business worldwide during the coming years and is more and more expanding to emerging and developing countries.

Site Screening and Selection

With different tools and data available, we screen potential sites and assess its renewable energy potential. For this initial prospecting phase, key factors such as wind ressources, size of buildable area, transmission line and site access, environmental constraints and other factors are considered. All diligently executed, results in a sound basis to decide if a project shall be pursued.

Wind Measurements

Wind conditions are measured by erecting towers equipped with wind sensors, in order to gain accurate predictions of actual wind conditions on the site. With several dozens of masts installed worldwide, NEK is highly experienced in planning and executing entire wind measurement campains.

Wind Assessments and Energy Yield Calculations

Wind ressource maps are generated using the industry-standard PC software WAsP, whereas wind measurement data, long term measurement series and digital elevation- and land cover data are used as input. In combination with suitable wake models and power curves of the intended wind turbines, a detailed and robust energy yield assessment can be performed.

In addition to energy yield predictions, we are experienced in assessing shadow flickering, noise immissions as well as visual impacts - all important factors to be considered in the environmental impact assessment report.

Permitting Process

With our experince in different countries, we can offer the following permitting support:
  • Complete permitting process of wind energy projects worldwide
  • Analysis of regulatory framework (permit register)
  • Acquisition of individual permits
  • Landacquisition


Some references of our activities in the field of Wind Energy Project Development can be found here.