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Wind measuring campaign in Ghana has commenced

Wind measuring campaign in Ghana has commenced

As already mentioned before, we have received from the Energy Commission in Ghana the assignment to evaluate the wind potential at several locations within the country.

During last November, our team has installed wind measuring systems at 6 different sites along the coast of Ghana. Thereby 60 m met masts from NRG were employed, which allows us to measure the meteorological conditions on three different levels.   

The measurements will form the basis for a wind model which NEK will place at the disposal of the Government together with its Ghanaian branch in Accra ( Doing this, we will create the scientific basis for potential investors of wind energy projects to localize sites with good wind conditions.   

Additionally, our measurements will be complemented with measurement installations on existing mobile phone masts as well as Lidar measurements with our own Lidar system. 


  • Published on December 06, 2011