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Lidar measurement campaign in Ghana has successfully started

Lidar measurement campaign in Ghana has successfully started

In 2011, our branch in Ghana received the assignment from the government to evaluate the wind conditions at chosen locations so as to provide potential investors a first informative basis about the application possibilities of wind turbines (see earlier messages of NEK Umwelttechnik AG). The appropriate measurements were taken up in November and December 2011 on 60 m high met masts.

In addition to these wind measurements we are now also conducting a Lidar measurement campaign with our own Lidar system. This was installed in March 2012 by our technicians at the first measurement site near Prampam, which lies on the coast east of Tema. The system allows us to detect the wind conditions up to a height of 150 m above ground and to validate the extrapolation of the met mast measurements up to the hub height of the wind turbines to be employed.

Our system will be measuring at each of the 6 determined sites for about 4 to 6 weeks, so that the whole measurement campaign will last until the end of this year.


  • Published on April 02, 2012