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Further wind measurement installations in Ghana

Further wind measurement installations in Ghana

As already announced previously, we have received by our branch in Accra, Ghana, the assignment from the local Government to conduct a wind measurement campaign in the region of the Volta Lake under the guide of the World Bank.

At the three defined remote locations at the Volta Lake with the names Tatobator, Kudorkope and Aglakopey (see map section below) three approximately 34 m high met masts will be installed in October 2012, in order to measure the local meteorological conditions during at least 12 months. The installation will be carried through by our engineers on site under supervision of a team from Switzerland. Because of the remoteness of the locations, an essential factor thereby will be the preparation of the logistics for the installation and the data transmission. The data will be transmitted continuously to our offices.

The goal of this assignment is to define potential locations at which, through the setting up of wind turbines and small transmission lines, regions that are currently cut off from the electricity supply can be supplied with electricity.

  • Published on September 19, 2012