Wind farm Zatric (Kosovo) receives land use rights

For the first wind power project in Kosovo, the contract for grid connection for 45 MW has been signed recently. Meanwhile, the required land at the project site could be secured for this project. Not only with the biggest land owner, the Kosovo Forest Agency, but also with around 60 private land owners there were signed long year land use contracts. With this, the project has taken another step towards its realization.

Thus, the project will shortly get the last permissions for construction, as the needed documents will be submitted to the authorities for approval in Pristina in the near future.

With the above steps, the wind project is very close to be implemented. We expect the final construction licence to be issued in the third or fourth quarter in 2014. Taken this into consideration, the start of construction will most probably be from the second quarter 2015 onwards.

Due to the fact that we are pure engineers and do not run any wind parks, we are looking for investors or operators for this pioneer project in Kosovo.

  • Published on June 13, 2014