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Ghana: Another three wind power projects receive environmental permits

Ghana: Another three wind power projects receive environmental permits

Since summer 2013, we have carried out extensive clarifications and environmental studies for three further wind park projects in Ghana on behalf of our client (Upwind International AG). Meanwhile, we have submitted those studies to the authorities in form of environmental and social impact assessment reports. Since then, numerous negotiations with the relevant authorities have taken place in order to clarify some open issues.

After having concluded this process, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has now issued the final and definite environmental permits for these three wind park projects of ours.

Herewith, another milestone has been reached by the projects that are being developed by our company in Ghana, because they are the very first wind parks there to have received a positive environmental permit. Thanks to this, already five of our wind parks with a planned maximum installed capacity of up to 790 MW have received the environmental permit. According to these permits, the authorities have guaranteed exclusivity for these projects within the areas applied for. Hence, no other wind project developments can be carried out there.

  • Published on August 11, 2014