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Land lease contracts for wind park Ayitepa in Ghana signed

Land lease contracts for wind park Ayitepa in Ghana signed

The 225 MW wind park at Ayitepa will be constructed on an area of approximately 60 square kilometers. During the past months, we have identified the lawful owners of this area and negotiated respective land lease agreements with them, what required some time. Once these negotiations were concluded, we finally by the end of May 2015 could sign the land agreements during several meetings. Some representative pictures can be found below.

The land contracts have a validity of 30 years and have been structured in a way to be lease contracts, not purchase contracts. It was our intention that the actual land owners should remain also in the future the owners of the land and not sell it to us. This because land is one of the most precious assets the population living in that particular area of the country has.

Signing took place with the lawful owners of the land, being family clans and families, which have owned the plots of land since generations and have passed it on as inheritance. As a next step, the land leases will now be registered in the land books of the Lands Commission, so that also the financing institutions will get enough security that the required land is really dedicated for the wind park.



  • Published on June 02, 2015