Further wind energy projects in Romania approved

In the town of Cogealac, located on the Black Sea coast of Romania, we are developing wind energy projects on behalf of the Swiss holding company Eolica Dobrogea (Switzerland) AG. From this pipeline, four projects with a rated power of totally 160 MW received the final building permit from the authorities. These projects are the first part of the 600 MW granted grid connection from Transelectrica S.A, the Romanian network operator, which was given to Eolica Dobrogea in beginning of July 2010.

The implementation of these projects is done in coordination with the Spanish Operator Iberdrola Renovables S.A, when the construction for the large substation in Tarriverde has started and the first transformer (550 mVA) is provided. This will take some time, although we have received the building permit for this substation in the beginning of July 2010.

  • Published on December 07, 2010