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Drone Survey for Wind Farms in Ghana


In relation to the wind energy project developments of Upwind International AG in Ghana, NEK executed extensive drone surveys of the entire project areas of the proposed wind farms.

The thousands of aerial images gained from these surveys allowed to process a comprehensive orthomosaic and to derive a digital surface and elevation model. Fruther, the data also delivers valuable information on local agricultural land usage, encroachments, possible restriction areas as well temporary water courses and flood areas.


  • Flight planning and execution

  • Processing of orthomosaic

  • Processing of Digital Surface and Terrain Model (DSM / DTM)

  • Mapping of on-site features

  • Land cover classification

Technical data

  • Drone: eBee classic (sensefly)

  • Resolution: 20 - 30 cm/px

  • Number of flights: 100+

  • Area covered: approx. 52,000 ha


  • 2014, 2016 and 2019


  • Ningo-Prampram and Ada West, Greater Accra Region, Ghana