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Wind Farm project development with Raffles LFTZ enterprise in Nigeria

Wind Farm project development with Raffles LFTZ enterprise in Nigeria

Since early 2021, NEK has been offering wind data analysis and project consulting to Raffles Oil LFTZ enterprise in Nigeria in order to assess the wind potential and a potential wind farm development at the coast line near Lagos.

In various assignments over the course of 2021, NEK has assisted Raffles Oil LFTZ to set up a wind measurement campaign at their facility near Lekki, Lagos, Nigeria. The incoming wind data is monitored and analysed in NEK’s head offices in Zuerich.

In the course of December 2021, one of NEK’s engineers evaluated on site in Nigeria the existing installations of the measurement equipment and installed further first class wind measurement instruments in order to guarantee proper and accurate data collection. The remote data connection was programmed and since then, data us regularly transmitted and checked.

The rapidly developing industrial zone at Lagos Free Zone has a high and quickly raising demand for renewable energy. First wind data analyses show that the location lays in a generally well-suited region which will allow the proper development of a wind farm. Based on the results of the incoming wind data, the first industrial wind farm in Nigeria will be developed in favour of Raffles during the time to come.

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  • Published on January 19, 2022