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Rezoning process for three wind energy projects of NEK in Ghana completed

Rezoning process for three wind energy projects of NEK in Ghana completed

In order for the realisation, construction and operation of wind energy projects in Ghana to conform to the zones and comply with the applicable regulations, extensive planning and project development services must be provided for the respective projects, which serve as the basis for the corresponding rezoning. This also includes the involvement of the local population, landowners and farmers, who are informed and enlightened about all aspects of a wind farm project in various sessions and field visits to the relevant land.

All findings from these meetings as well as numerous other aspects of the respective wind project are summarized in a comprehensive zoning report, which is submitted to the responsible local and regional authorities for approval (so-called justification report).

NEK has now received the formal, official rezoning for the three wind projects Madavunu, Amlakpo and Koluedor, for which a total installed capacity of approx. 560 MW is planned: The local authority responsible for these projects, the Ada West District Assembly, has approved the rezoning and implemented the corresponding zoning plan changes. Accordingly, in addition to the construction of wind projects and solar parks, only activities that are compatible with the operation of wind and solar systems are permitted in this zone.

This means that a further, important development step has been reached for these projects, which among other things also means that all other project planning and construction activities are prohibited on the respective areas.

NEK assumes that these three projects will be built in stages from 2023 and will subsequently deliver cheap, clean and sustainable electricity to the power grid.

Approval AmlakpoApproval KoluedorApproval Madavunu

  • Published on November 26, 2021