Application for construction licence for wind park Akplabnya in Ghana

Our wind park project Akplabnya, which is located in the Greater Accra Region in Ghana, has recently received the final environmental permit and the provisional wholesale and supply licence from the Energy Commission. Based on this progress in the development, we have applied by the end of May 2015 for the issuance of the construction and operation licence on the regional level of authorities.

This 60 MW Wind Park shall become one of the first wind projects which will be implemented in Western Africa. With this application for a construction licence at the District Assembly of Ada West, we hope that the authorities will grant us within the coming months the construction and operation licence.

In parallel, we are progressing with the grid connection agreement for this project in collaboration with GRIDCo, the Ghanaian network provider. The wind park will be connected to the new 330 kV WAPP line, which is crossing nearby.

  • Published on June 03, 2015