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Successful wind measurement campaign in Kosovo

Successful wind measurement campaign in Kosovo

A feasibility study was undertaken to determine the potential for wind energy in Kosovo. NEK Umwelttechnik AG have now successfully carried out a wind measurement campaign at 10 locations, these began during May 2009.

Currently, Kosovo does not take advantage of their renewable energy opportunities. Two coal-fired power plants produce about 98% of the country’s electricity, and these employ outdated technology and equipment. Energy supply is a big problem for the country, however, latest developments show the effort that the government of Kosovo is making to promote renewable energy. A feed in tariff has been set for renewable energy sources. The aim is to increase the amount of renewable energy to 15% of total production by 2015.

The first analysis has shown 2-3 locations with relatively strong wind conditions. The aim of the study is to produce wind maps that can be used later by possible investors or operators to evaluate the information with view to investment.
The project is supported by REPIC, a Swiss Governmental Institution.


  • Published on December 01, 2009