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New energy law pushes wind energy project in Ghana

New energy law pushes wind energy project in Ghana

Shortly a new energy law will be passed in Ghana that is intended to promote renewable energy in the country. Our wind energy project in Prampram (ca. 50 MW) is now poised to receive funding from governmental institutions, as well as the required permits for its construction.

Ghana’s energy is mainly produced by two hydropower plants on the River Volta. In addition, there are two thermal power plants in Takoradi that produce energy, together with a few smaller plants. The growth in population and the economy, as well as the advancing rural electrification schemes, lead to an even greater demand on Ghana‘s energy needs. This increasing demand for energy also means that measures must be taken to improve energy efficiency, e.g. the stabilization and extension of the electricity grid system.

A pilot project for a 5 MW wind farm is planned at Tema’s northern coastal area. After the first phase, the aim is to extend this small wind farm to 25 - 50 MW. Our wind measurements, that began in 1999, show medium wind speeds of about 6.3 m/s at 60 m above ground.

The delivery of suitable wind turbines and construction equipment to the site will provide our engineers with a real challenge. This will be the first wind farm to be built in Ghana, therefore each step will require careful planning.


  • Published on December 10, 2009