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Wind measurement campaign in Ghana (West Africa) initialized

Wind measurement campaign in Ghana (West Africa) initialized

As mentioned shortly in a prior report our firm has obtained an assignement from the Ghanaian Government to conduct a wind measurement campaign at suitable locations in their country which should form a basis for later investments into windpark projects. Although the work will be coordinated from our headquarter in Switzerland  it will be performed locally by our branch office in Accra, NEK (Ghana) Ltd.

The intention is to perform measurements at 5 locations on 200 feet high measuring masts (measuring on 3 separate levels for each mast) mostly along the coast. These measurements will be complemented with data from wind measurements performed on mobile phone masts. Furthermore in addition to the wind measurements on the masts we will install our LIDAR device on site to evaluate the meteorological profile up to a hight of 500 feet. Altogether we will perform measurements at 10-12 sites.

The installation of the measuring devices will be carried out in August 2011, so that in the autumn of 2012 significant results on the regional wind regimes will be avaible.

The background of this assignement is, amongst other things, a new energy law which will govern the compensations for feeding in renewable energy into the grid and which should become effective in autumn/winter 2011. Through this measure the government hopes to advance investments into renewable energies.

  • Published on May 11, 2011