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The latest on the project development in Kosovo

The latest on the project development in Kosovo

Within our wind assessment for Kosovo, we were able to identify several potential locations for the development of a wind farm project. One of these is in the municipality of Rahovic, where we already have been measuring the wind conditions for 1½ years and where we are reckoning with very good wind speeds at the planned hub heights of the turbines. To obtain significant information about the wind conditions at hub height, we will install a 60 m wind measuring mast prior to the winter of 2011, which will be equipped with heated measuring devices so that no data losses should occur even during frosty conditions.

The current project plan foresees 15 wind turbines of the 2-MW-class, which will have a hub height of 80 to 100 m, to be erected at this location. Due to the expected wind speeds, we reckon today, that the wind farm once in operation will yield a yearly energy output of about 100,000 MWh.

We will keep you informed about any significant progresses within the project.

  • Published on September 22, 2011