Minor delays in the construction works at the wind farm Mihai Viteazu

The construction work at the wind farm Mihai Viteazu (Romania) aren’t progressing totally according to plan: because of the extreme weather conditions of the last weeks (low temperatures, snow and snow drifts) some minor delays have occurred in the erection of the wind turbines. As of mid-February 2012, 25 from the total of 40 Gamesa G87 turbines in the 80 MW wind farm have been completely erected and are ready for test operation.

The project owner, Iberdrola Renewables Romania Srl., planes to complete the test operation phase until April 2012, so that the commissioning should take place in May 2012.

The project in Mihai Viteazu is the first that Iberdrola will implement and operate in Romania. It’s planned that in the near future further project will reach the point of construction readiness in the region of Dobrogea, so that the Spanish number one in the world in wind energy will be able to realize further wind energy projects in Romania.

  • Published on February 13, 2012