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Wind measuring assignment for Ghana awarded

Wind measuring assignment for Ghana awarded


From GEDAP, a Ghanaian government institution, we have received the assignment to carry out a wind measuring campaign in the region of the Volta Lake in the east of the country. The goal of this assignment is to define potential locations at which, through the setting up of wind turbines and small transmission lines, regions that are cut off from electricity supply can be supplied with electricity.

For this purpose wind measurements will be conducted at three locations on islands in the Volta Lake on 34 metre high met masts. Consequently, this will show if the meteorological and geographical conditions at the given sites are suitable for the installation of wind turbines.

It’s planned to install the met masts from July 2012 onwards after clarifying the logistical issues. For this purpose engineers from our Swiss home office and local technicians from our branch in Ghana will be engaged. The data will be sent automatically to our office so that we can carry out a weekly plausibility check.

  • Published on April 10, 2012