Project development and wind measurements in Kosovo are being expanded

After measuring the wind conditions in Kosovo at different locations for many years, we have decided to develop a wind park near to the town of Rahovec. First measurements on an existing GSM tower during over one year have shown that the wind conditions are very suitable for the development of a wind park. Because of the high altitude of the site (approx. 1,000 m.s.l.), the measurement results have to be treated with caution (icing of the anemometers during winter months).

Now we will be erecting a 60 m high met mast at the project site in May 2012, which will be equipped with heated anemometers. These measurements will be used, among other things, to prepare a wind assessment for the wind park, which can serve as a basis for financing for the banks.

Parallel to the wind measurements we will be carrying our project development forward. The project envisions the construction of a wind park with 15 wind turbines at 2.0 MW each. With a mean wind speed at hub height of over 7 m/sec, we are reckoning with a total annual energy yield clearly over 100,000 MWh.

As we won’t be operating the wind park ourselves, it is planned to sell the project to an investor/operator after all the construction, connection and operation permits have been obtained.

  • Published on April 23, 2012