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NEK initiates a further wind energy project in Kosovo

NEK initiates a further wind energy project in Kosovo

The wind measurement campaigns, which have been conducted by us at selected locations, have shown that there are quite a few suitable locations in the country where a successful development of wind energy projects is possible. As already announced previously, we therefore initiated a first wind energy project in Kosovo at Zatric, which is already well advanced.

Now we have decided to develop a second project: at Budakova near Prizren we are planning a wind farm on the nearby mountain ranges with a capacity of about 30 – 40 MW, depending on the turbine type to be chosen. The wind farm will be constructed between 1,200 and 1,600 m.s.l.

After a first wind measurement campaign on existing GSM-Towers has shown to us that good wind conditions are to be expected at Budakova, we will set up a 60 metre high met mast this autumn in order to obtain more detailed information about the wind regime. Thereby we will employ heated instruments so as to prevent them from icing during winter. A custom made generator, which has been especially constructed for this purpose, will guarantee a self-sustaining energy supply.

  • Published on August 21, 2012