Extended wind measurement campaign for wind park Budakova, Kosovo

After having been measuring the wind conditions with heated and unheated sensors on an existing GSM tower within the project perimeter of the wind park Budakova, Kosovo, for some years now, we will now add to this some additional met masts.

In the coming weeks, our specialists will set up two 60 m high met masts at the location Budakova, on which the wind conditions within the project perimeter shall be measured on the height levels of 30, 45 and 60 m from the middle of July onwards. Because the project region reaches heights of up to 1,600 m.s.l., we will employ heated instruments also here. In autumn then the necessary electricity supply with generators for the winter half year will be set up.

On this mountain ridge we have designated and planned 16 locations for the erection of 3.0-MW-turbines, so that the wind park will have an installed capacity of 48 MW.

  • Published on June 21, 2013