Wind measurement program in Ghana officially concluded

The wind measurement program, which was ordered by the Energy Commission of Ghana, has been concluded. The measurements were taken since the end of 2011 at five sites along the coast of Ghana on 60 m met masts. Even though the 12 months contract period is over, the measurements are being continued, while the data evaluation of the reference period is concluded. Apart from the measurements of the towers, we also used measurement data from our LIDAR device for validation at some of the sites.

The results show some good wind conditions along the coast, east of Accra towards the border of Togo, where the construction of wind parks might be economically interesting. We have evaluated several sites, where the construction and operation of a wind park could be feasible. Apart from the wind conditions, we have included aspects in the evaluation like environmental issues, access and capacity of the electricity transmission grid, road access as well as socio-economic aspects.

The results of this campaign will be presented to our customer in the context of a workshop, which will be held in the second half of July 2013 in Accra. Following the decision on the level of the feed-in tariff, the authorities will decide on which sits the government will support the projection of wind parks.

  • Published on July 02, 2013