NEK launches third wind park project in Kosovo

As is already known, we are developing in Kosovo on behalf of the Swiss company Upwind International AG two larger wind park projects: one of them with a planned installed capacity of 45 MW in Zatric and the other one with 48 MW in Budakova.

Based on the wind measurements already conducted by us at different locations within the country, so also near Vushtrri, approximately 25 km north of the airport of Pristina, we have decided to develop our third wind project in Kosovo there on the neighbouring mountain ridge. The results from our wind measurements so far show similar promising wind conditions like with the two other projects developed by us. Bases on a first preliminary layout we are reckoning to be able to install between 15 and 20 turbines of the 2- or 3-MW-class at this location.

Until autumn 2013, it is planned to install two further 60 m high met masts at this new location, so as to receive more detailed information about the wind regime.

As soon as this project has progressed further and the corresponding planning certainty is given, we will look out for an investor and an operator for the wind park as our company doesn’t operate any wind parks itself.

  • Published on August 09, 2013