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NEK holds wind assessment workshop in Accra, Ghana

NEK holds wind assessment workshop in Accra, Ghana

The results, which we have obtained through a comprehensive wind measurement campaign along the Atlantic coast of Ghana, were presented to selected persons and institutions in form of a workshop. This also included a training on the topic of wind data analysis with special software and was carried through under our supervision between the 22nd and the 24th of July in our offices in Accra, Ghana.

This wind measurement campaign that was carried through by us on behalf of the government of Ghana shows, that there are various locations within the country where the development of wind parks is possible and economically feasible. The corresponding results, the data analysis procedure, the criteria for a professional wind assessment as well as numerous further aspects in connection with conducting wind measurements were passed on to the participants of this workshop. Furthermore, the participants were introduced to the usage of special data analysis software, with which the analysis of wind measurement data can be carried through.


  • Published on August 12, 2013