Ghana introduces feed-in tariff for wind energy

Since September 1st, 2013, Ghana has a feed-in law for renewable energies: The regulatory authority (PURC - Public Utilities Regulatory Commission) has decided on the tariffs for energy produced from renewable sources in August. Next to biomass, Biogas, hydro and solar also a tariff for wind energy was fixed. For Ghana this tariff is Cedi 32.1085 and is linked to the exchange rate of the US Dollar. Converted, the buyer of wind energy is obliged to pay to the producer a rate of US $ 160.70 for each fed-in megawatt-hour (MWh). For the beginning, the tariff is valid for 10 years after commissioning of the wind park. After that, the tariff will be determined anew each 2 years.

Thanks to this law, the path is free in Ghana for financing, building and operating wind energy projects. As our company has been already active in that country since more than 14 years, among other things with the development of wind energy projects, and also has a branch office in Accra, we now have the possibility to complete and realise these projects. Thereby, the focus is mainly on a number of our wind park developments, which are situated between the harbour town Tema and the border to Togo in the East and which together will have an overall installed capacity of roughly 550 MW. More Information on the progress of the projects will be available under our news rubric.

  • Published on September 12, 2013