NEK strengthens its wind project developments in Ghana

Our company has been active in Ghana since 1998, in order to evaluate the wind conditions there professionally on the one side and on the other to assist the Government with setting and enforcing guidelines in connection with wind energy projects in the country. In 2011, the regulations for the use of renewable energies in Ghana came into effect (Renewable Energy Act Nr. 832) and recently also a fixed and guaranteed feed-in tariff for wind generated electricity was set.

These developments together with our activities in Ghana so far have strengthened us in our decision to enlarge our project pipeline in Ghana considerably: Next to our wind project in Prampram, which we have been developing for some years now, we have been occupied for quite some time with the development of a number of wind projects in the region of Sege and Dawa, approximately 60 km to the east of Tema. Depending on the type of turbine that eventually will be employed, between 500 and 600 MW of wind power can be connected to the grid there. The wind measurements, which we have been conducting there for nearly two years now on a 60 m NRG-tower, show wind conditions of around 6.0 m/sec at hub height, which is a good value for Ghana.

The electricity produced by the wind park, once realised, can be fed-in to a 330 kV-line, which is being built at this moment right next to the project site and which has adequate capacity.

  • Published on October 15, 2013