Grid connection agreement signed for wind park Zatric (Kosovo)

After longer negotiations the grid connection agreement could be signed for the wind park project “Zatric” that is being developed by us in the name of the Swiss company Upwind International I GmbH in Kosovo.

The agreement signed with the grid operator KOSTT (Kosovo Transmission and Market Operator) foresees, that, among other things, the wind park “Zatric” with an installed capacity of 45 MW will be connected to the transformer station Rahovec, which is only about 9 km away from the site of the wind park. This will be done by a 35 kV-line, which will be constructed between the project site and the transformer station. The feed-in will occur at the 110 kV-level.

With this agreement, which by the way is the first grid connection agreement of this kind for a wind project in Kosovo, the realisation of the project moves considerably closer. We reckon that the construction works can begin from the second quarter of 2015 onwards.

  • Published on December 03, 2013