Grid connection negotiations in Ghana for more than 700 MW wind energy

After the Government of Ghana having implemented a feed-in tariff for wind energy in the amount of 16.08 US Cents per kWh this August, we have expanded our wind energy pipeline in Ghana considerably. Presently, we have an overall wind power capacity of more than 700 MW in development in various projects between Tema and Ada, east of Accra, which also can still be expanded. The major part of the electricity produced by the future wind parks will be fed-in to a 330 kV-line that at the moment is being constructed between Ghana and Togo as part of the WAPP-Programme (West African Power Pool). Corresponding grid connection negotiations with GRIDCo (Ghana Grid Company Limited) have already been taken up.

Parallel to this, negotiations with ECG (Electricity Company of Ghana) for a Power Purchase Agreement for more than 700 MW wind power are ongoing since some time now. A corresponding Memorandum of Understanding was recently signed, stating the intentions of both parties that NEK shall receive power purchase guarantees valid for at least 20 years for their wind energy projects.

We hope that these negotiations will be concluded until April/May 2014 and that the corresponding contracts can be signed.

  • Published on December 12, 2013