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Land survey work for 6 wind parks in Ghana

Land survey work for 6 wind parks in Ghana

For the definitive building and operation license for the 6 wind parks, which we are pushing forward in Ghana at the moment, the authorities request among other things digital maps, which will form a basis for the detailed planning of the realisation projects for the wind parks as well as their connection to the grid.

So far, such maps don’t exist in Ghana for the most part – only maps with relatively low resolution in paper format are available, which are not suitable for the upcoming planning tasks.

Because of this, our engineers will be carrying out a comprehensive land survey campaign from February 2014 onwards. The whole area, where we are planning our projects, will be measured precisely with a modern drone. This drone will fly over the area in comparatively low altitude for some weeks and take corresponding aerial images with a high resolution camera, which will be the basis for a digital terrain model. This will allow us to conclude the detailed planning of the wind parks (i.e. micro-siting).

The complete area measures around 350 km², is mostly flat and lies directly on the Atlantic coast. The generated maps will be made available to the authorities, so that they have an up-to-date map basis for other infrastructure projects within the area.

  • Published on February 04, 2014