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Ghana: First wind power projects receive environmental permits!

Ghana: First wind power projects receive environmental permits!

As released earlier, three wind park projects in Ghana that are developed by us for Upwind International AG have received the provisional wholesale electricity supply licences from the Energy Commission some months ago. Since then, our wind power project development in West Africa has made substantial progress: The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has granted the definitive and final environmental permits for two of our wind parks.

After having concluded comprehensive environmental assessment studies throughout the last year, the detailed environmental and social impact assessment reports have been submitted to the authorities. Subsequently, we carried out a lot of negotiations and consultations with the relevant institutions and stakeholders during the past months. This in order to discuss the complementary measures that are requested by the Environmental Protection Agency during and after the construction of the projects.

Meanwhile, this process is completed, so that the EPA was able to issue the final environmental permit which is necessary for the implementation of these wind park projects.

Therefore, one more mile stone has been reached for these two projects located at the Atlantic coast of Ghana between Ada and Tema, east of Accra. As a matter of fact, our wind park projects are the very first that have received positive environmental permits throughout Ghana.

  • Published on May 12, 2014