ECG members visit Jeffreys Bay Wind Park in South Afrika

In the context of a so called fact-finding-mission, some people in power of the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) have visited last week the Jeffreys Bay Wind Farm in South Africa.

This wind park with 138 WM total power has been constructed by our contracting partner Mainstream Renewable Power Ltd. and represents a sound example of a successfully and most professionally realized wind park project in Africa. Thus, the people in power of ECG were able to get an on-site impression of a well-integrated wind park into the local grid as well as other important aspects in the context of the construction and operation of a wind park.

Thanks to this visit in South Africa, the due diligence team of ECG is affirmed in their perception concerning the importance of wind energy in the future  energy mix in Ghana. This will accelerate the procedure of receiving the last required permits for the construction and operation of the first large scale wind park on Ghana.


  • Published on December 18, 2014