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Geological Survey for Wind Farm Ayitepa has started

Geological Survey for Wind Farm Ayitepa has started

With the preliminary layout of the 225 MW Wind Farm Ayitepa in Ghana determined, the time had come to start the initial geological-geotechnical field studies at the beginning of this week. The purpose of these field studies is to determine the top soil and ground structure and to obtain information on the ground water situation.

The field studies include excavation trial pits at around 35 locations within the project area, which will be dug to a depth of approximately 5 m and analysed geologically. Furthermore, soil samples will be taken and the relevant parameters analysed in the lab. The results will be incorporated in the EPC-tender which is required for the construction of the wind farm.

The campaign will last 2 to 3 weeks and forms the basis for the detailed survey of the construction ground with sounding drillings.


  • Published on June 07, 2017